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How it works

Take back control over your devices by shielding yourself from all the distraction mechanisms.

Block infinite scroll

Get rid of the infinite scrolls, the autoplays, the recommendations..


You just wanted to "watch this one tutorial" on Youtube. But one hour later, here you are: watching random cat videos you didn't want to see in the first place.

With Freed, you're back in control. We modify the way major social networks function to prevent them from catching your attention and wasting your time.

Adapt it to your daily routine


Freed is a "set it once, then forget it" tool. After defining your schedule and preferences, Freed will run effortlessly in the background and provide you with daily benefits.

During your working slots, we help you find focus by holding your notifications so they don't interrupt your flow and by bringing you back to consciousness whenever you open distracting apps.

During your resting slots, we let you enjoy life.

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Remind yourself of your "WHY"


You just wanted to "have a quick look" at your Facebook or Linkedin feed, and then ended up wasting 2 hours in an endless cycle of dopamine hits.

Freed breaks this. We remind you of your "WHY", so you can find the courage to quit distracting apps and get back on track.

Your "WHY" can be anything from “making the kids proud" to "finishing work before 8PM so I can enjoy a quality dinner with my husband".

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Track your progress


Freed lets you see your victories in handling digital distractions to motivate you over time.

Visualizing your victories with graphs and stats gives you a sense of the progress you're making, and the room that is left for improvement.

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Block infinite scroll

Sync all your devices


Digital distractions are cross-device: you may be distracted by your smartphone or computer indifferently.

That's why Freed is cross-device as well, to offer you 360° protection.

By simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone, your settings will be automatically synchronized between your macOS and iOS devices.

Your time and attention are valuable.

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